About DDA

At Driver Development Australia we are dedicated to road safety, our objectives are to significantly minimise collisions by making each driver safer. We take an innovative approach to corporate driver training. We focus on the driver and their attitude behind the wheel. Our program is designed to help your employees create the right state of mind whilst in the vehicles and teach them strategies to avoid a crash.

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Our training program will change driver attitudes, behaviour and most importantly increase awareness on the road.

The Key

The Key is to focus on forward planning and how to avoid getting into a dangerous situation on the road in the first place. We show the driver the correct techniques so they can identify any bad habits and make positive changes.

No Race Tracks

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Advanced and Defensive training, away from the every day driving environment focuses on vehicle handing and skid control. There is no evidence to support that this type of training improves road safety or reduces crashes. All research and studys found that an increase to skills led to overconfidence and over time these newly learnt skills decay, but the perception of being able to be replicated remains. Racetracks and roads dont mix.

Special Vehicles

Some vehicles do require a greater understanding of dynamics and handling, such as 4WD's SUV's, Van's and Mini Buses. This is why we provide on-road training in the vehicle actually used at work.

Time is Money

At Driver Development Australia, we also understand that any time your employees are away from work is a cost to your business. This is why our stimulating office presentation only runs for 2 hours, not all day, and in another 1.5 hours we will have put them through an on-road session in real-life conditions. We will work with your company to develop a program that best suits your needs, considering number of participants, time available, types of vehicles and cost.


We ask each participant to complete a brief questionnaire to provide us with further information on what they think are their strengths and weaknesses. This information can be helpful in addressing any issues during on-road training.

On-Going Support

We take an interest in your organisation and the safety of your driver. We encourage you to monitor the rate of collisions involving employees and the cost to your business through lost hours of work, vehicles off the road and insurance premiums. It may be that certain drivers, types of vehicles or driving at certain times of the day are responsible for more traffic incidents.