Training courses

"Looking at the way we drive and doing whatever it takes to reduce the risk because, safe driving is achievable with effort, training and a different way of thinking"

Driver Development Australia, with their nationally accredited team, have redefined the methodology of improving driver safety and helping reduce road trauma.

We understand that work related driving is the most dangerous activity the employees will be exposed to.

We provide Driver training and evaluations to companies that consider safety as a priority.

The key is to develop real world thinking and strategies for employees for whom driving is a prerequisite.

We identify and eliminate bad habits and techniques that lead to poor judgment and collisions.

We don’t use racetracks, we don’t teach your drivers to win at Bathurst or any form of skid control.

We conduct our practical training on real roads with the vehicles the employees use for work purposes.

We develop good, safe driving habits and situational awareness.